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AsyncAPY is a fully fledged framework to easily deploy asynchronous API endpoints over a custom-made protocol (AsyncAProto)

It deals with all the low level I/O stuff, error handling and async calls, exposing a high-level and easy-to-use API designed with simplicity in mind.

Some of its features include:

  • Fully asynchronous
  • Automatic timeout and error handling
  • Custom application layer protocol
  • Groups: multiple functions can handle the same packet and interact with the remote client
  • Powerful, easy-to-use and high level API for clients, packets and sessions
  • Packets filtering

What’s new in AsyncAPY 0.4

  • Groups and handlers have been completely reworked, check the docs
  • The AsyncAPY class has been renamed to Server and some breaking changes have been done
  • The V1 protocol has been deprecated
  • The AsyncAPY.objects module has been made private. Client and Packet objects can be imported from the top-level package
  • The code for the server has been polished and improved

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